4AD Dungeon Part One – The Statue of King Frorth


This was my first game of Four Against Darkness, a great solitaire dungeon crawling game from Ganesha Games. You generate the dungeon randomly during play using six-sided dice, but you can also use your imagination to add more colour to your dungeon as I did in the following session.

My party was wiped out but not before they’d found a magical statue.


Four adventurers meet in the small town of Brodok on the edge of the wilderness. Arvyn is a rogue, Argev is a warrior, Arathan is an elf and Doren is a sorceress.

Arvyn guides the others to a dungeon entrance that she knows of at the foot of a cliff near the town. Doren gives the lantern that she bought to Arvyn, who will be at the front of the party alongside Argev.

1. Entrance

The party take the middle corridor.

2. Empty corridor

They go through the door on the left.

3. Skeletal rats

Twelve skeletal rats flee from the party. The adventurers follow them back to the entrance corridor. They go down the empty corridor again and take the door at the end of it.

4. Fungi folk

The party enter a dank room inhabited by five humanoids with pale, bulging and leathery skin – fungi folk. The party wait to see what they will do. One asks for a bribe of 30 gold pieces. Arvyn replies that the party don’t have that much money, and the fungi folk attack. Three fungi folk are killed and the remaining two flee. The party search the dead fungi folk and on one of them Arvyn finds a red tourmaline gemstone worth 60 gold pieces. Arathan bandages the wound that he received and the party leave the room by the door in the north wall.

5. Four-way intersection

The party take the corridor on the right.

6. Hobgoblins

The party enter a room inhabited by six hobgoblins armed with swords and halberds. Remembering that the fungi folk asked for a bribe that the party couldn’t afford, Argev decides to take the initiative and kills one with his mace. Doren kills another with a Lightning Bolt. Soon all the hobgoblins are dead and Argev bandages the wound that he received. In the belt pouch of one hobgoblin Argev finds a Ring of Teleportation. The party leave the room by the door in the east wall.

7. Vampire bats

Twelve vampire bats flee from the party. The adventurers leave the room by the door in the north wall.

8. Orcs

The party enter a room inhabited by six orcs armed with swords and spears. After killing the orcs the party find 11 gold pieces on their bodies. They return to the previous room and take the door in the east wall.

9. Statue of King Frorth

The party enter an L-shaped room which is empty except for a stone statue of King Frorth, who ruled in Brodok in ancient times when the town was the capital of a powerful kingdom. Some impulse causes Doren to touch the statue and it shatters to reveal 120 gold pieces! After dividing this loot the party leave by the only other door in the room.

10. Empty corridor

The party enter an empty, winding corridor. They decide to search a section of it but find nothing. They leave by the nearest door instead of following the corridor to the end.

11. Goblin swarmlings

In another corridor the adventurers encounter three goblin swarmlings and expect them to flee, but the swarmlings attack with short swords. After the swarmlings have been killed Arvyn and Doren give their bandages to Argev and Arathan to bind their wounds. On the bodies of the swarmlings they find three gold pieces. They follow the corridor which leads to another corridor with doors at each end. They take the door on the right.

12. Orcs

They enter a circular room inhabited by seven orcs. They kill six with Doren using her Fireball spell, and the remaining orc flees, but not after Argev and Doren have been wounded. On one of the bodies Doren finds a silver armlet worth 100 gold pieces. They leave the room by the only other door.

13. Orcs

They enter a room inhabited by four orcs. They kill all four but Arvyn is wounded. The orcs’ treasure consists of 18 gold pieces. There is no other exit from the room so the party will retrace their steps. Arvyn gives the lantern back to Doren and the party form a new marching order, with Arathan and Doren at the front and Arvyn and Argev at the rear. They retrace their steps to the corridor before the circular orc lair and take the door on the left. Finding themselves in the empty corridor which they searched before, they follow it to the end.

14. Goblins

The party enter a room inhabited by nine goblins and wait to see what they will do. The goblins attack. Every member of the party receives a wound and they decide to withdraw. As they do so everyone receives another wound and Doren is killed. Her lantern falls to the floor and the goblins swarm over her. The party slam the door shut but they are now without a lantern and must make their way back to the dungeon entrance. Arvyn and Arathan go first, followed by Argev.

9. Goblin swarmlings

When the party returns to the room containing the statue of King Frorth, they are attacked by eight goblin swarmlings. Arvyn is killed. Arathan kills one swarmling but he and Argev are then killed by the remaining swarmlings.






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