4AD Dungeon Part Three – Four Against Ekzor


Here is the third and final session of this adventure using the Four Against Darkness rules from Ganesha Games. This session follows on from Part One – The Statue of King Frorth and Part Two – Lord of the Dungeon.

Halfway through this session a definite story was beginning to take shape, based on the encounter with the Chaos Lord in Part Two. For this reason I fudged rules a little and decided to include an encounter with the Chaos Lord in a final room of the dungeon which would be room 42. I did also did this to maintain the symmetry of the dungeon which I think looks good on graph paper!


Having survived the dungeon and returned to Brodok, Groldran the dwarf sells his treasure items – a green spinel gemstone and a pewter ring set with a blue topaz gemstone – for 60 gold pieces each. He then gathers three companions for another expedition into the dungeon. Claral is a rogue, Senbo is a halfling and Ulsifri is a barbarian woman from the wilderness beyond the town. Claral is the lantern-bearer and she and Groldran go first.

1. Entrance

The party take the middle corridor.

2. Empty corridor

The party take the door at the end of the corridor.

4. Chimera

The party enter a room inhabited by a chimera – a monster with the hindquarters of a goat, the foreparts of a lion, dragon wings, and three heads: those of a dragon, a lion and a goat. The party flee from the room down a corridor in the west wall. As they are passing the monster it wounds Claral, Groldran and Ulsifri. The party go through the door at the end of the corridor and Groldran gives bandages to Claral and Ulsifri.

17. Minotaur

The party enter a room inhabited by a minotaur armed with a two-handed axe. The party kill the minotaur but not before Claral, Groldran and Senbo have been wounded. Groldran bandages his wound with his last bandage.

Groldran gains a level and is now a level two dwarf.

In the minotaur’s belt pouch Senbo finds two gold pieces. He keeps one for himself and gives another to Groldran.  The party leave the room by a door in the west wall.

19. Four-way intersection

The party come to a four-way intersection and head south.

36. Armoury

The corridor leads to a room with weapon racks arranged along the left-hand, right-hand and opposite walls, containing weapons such as swords and spears. Ulsifri leaves her sword on one rack and takes a glaive. Groldran comments that the Chaos Lord that his previous party met no doubt intends to raise an army of hobgoblins and orcs with which to attack Brodok. The party return to the intersection and head west.

37. Scroll

The party enter an empty room. In one corner there is a scroll on the floor which Groldran discovers to be inscribed with magical glyphs.

The spell on the scroll is Protect.

The party leave the room through a door in the opposite wall.

38. Goblin swarmlings

The party enter a small room 10 feet square, inhabited by seven goblin swarmlings. The party kill six and the remaining swarmling flees. In the belt pouch of one swarmling Senbo finds a blue topaz gemstone worth 20 gold pieces. The party return to the previous room and take the door in the south wall.

39. Note written in dwarven script

The party enter an empty corridor with a door on the right. They decide to search the corridor before they go through the door.

Groldran finds a Clue.

By an amazing coincidence Groldran finds a note written in the dwarven script, which tells of how the Chaos Lord Ekzor destroyed Groldran’s home town of Drolkulan in the Vonmor Mountains. The note was written by a dwarf named Kradmulir who tracked Ekzor down to this dungeon, but was dying of his wounds when he wrote the note. Groldran shares the information with the others. He is now determined to kill the Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord Ekzor will be encountered a second time in the last room of the dungeon. If the party do not kill Ekzor then Brodok will be destroyed. Groldran will fight Ekzor with a +1 bonus to his attack rolls.

40. Goblin swarmlings

The party enter a room inhabited by seven goblin swarmlings. The party kill all of them but not before Claral is wounded. Under a crude mattress Senbo finds a scroll with a spell inscribed on it.

The spell on the scroll is Sleep.

The party return to the corridor and follow it to the end.

41. Ring of Teleportation

The  corridor ends at a door leading to a small room 10 feet square. Groldran finds a Ring of Teleportation on the floor, which he gives to Senbo. The party retrace their steps to the four-way intersection.

39. Vampire frogs

When they return to the corridor where Groldran found Kradmulir’s note, the party is attacked by five vampire frogs who emerge from the goblin swarmlings’ lair. Two frogs attack Senbo and Ulsifri at the rear of the party. Senbo is wounded and then teleports away. Ulsifri destroys three frogs and the remaining two flee. The party enter the next room where Senbo rejoins them. They return to the four-way intersection.

Senbo’s ring is now an ordinary ring worth seven gold pieces.

20. Empty corridor

This corridor is empty again.

21. Orcs

Entering the room where Groldran’s previous party met the first minotaur, the party encounter three orcs armed with swords and axes. They kill the orcs and each member of the party gets a gold piece.

42. Ekzor the Chaos Lord

Beyond the door in the north wall of the room a short corridor leads to a room where Ekzor the Chaos Lord is studying an ancient map of the region which is painted on the north wall. He turns around when the party enter, picks up his two-handed sword and employs his evil gaze again.

This time Groldran is filled with fear under Ekzor’s gaze, as is Senbo. Clara and Ulsifri are unaffected.

Groldran and Senbo are at -1 on all defense rolls.

Ulsifri attacks with her glaive, wounding Ekzor. Then Ekzor attacks wounding Claral, Groldran and Senbo. Groldran deals another wound with his maul and then Ulsifri finishes him off! Groldran drinks his potion of healing. The others leave Groldran to search the corpse of the Chaos Lord. He finds a silver armlet jewelled with red spinel gemstones, worth 110 gold pieces, and pieces of Fool’s Gold. Groldran says that the dwarves of Drolkulan have been avenged and Brodok is now safe. The party return to the dungeon entrance.

Ulsifri fails to gain a level.

17. Hobgoblins

When the party return to the room where they killed the minotaur, two hobgoblins armed with swords attack from the rear. Senbo is killed and Ulsifri is wounded. Claral and Groldran kill the hobgoblins. In the belt pouch of one hobgoblin Claral finds pieces of Fool’s Gold. Groldran leaves his maul in the room so that he can carry Senbo’s body back to Brodok for burial. The party must now go through the chimera’s lair.

4. Chimera

As the party are fleeing through the chimera’s lair it’s dragon head breathes fire at them and Ulsifri is burned.

Return to Brodok

The party return to the dungeon entrance with no further encounters. They return to Brodok and first arrange for Senbo to be buried, and divide his belongings between themselves.

Then the party go to meet with the town council of Brodok. Groldran shows them the note written by Kradmulir, and tells them that the party found an armoury and that Ekzor was studying a map of the region.

Does the town council take this information seriously? I consult the Answer Oracle found at the back of The Covetous Poet’s Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook. I decide that it is Very Likely that the council will take the information seriously and roll a d00. Yes, they do.

The town council consult among themselves and then decide to award each member of the party 30 gold pieces for their efforts to defend Brodok.



































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