4AD – Playtest of Deeper Dungeons (Part One)


Here is my first playtest of the Deeper Dungeons supplement for Four Against Darkness, which I’ve received from Andrea Sfiligoi at Ganesha Games.

Note that the rules are still not final so they may be different in the published book.


Having defeated the Chaos Lord Ekzor, Groldran’s party are now acclaimed as heroes in the town of Brodok and a new adventurer has joined the party. The party now consists of Claral the rogue, Groldran the dwarf, Ulsifri the barbarian woman and Grorvarn the wizard. Claral and Groldran give the scrolls that they found in Ekzor’s dungeon to Grorvarn.


The party hire a dungeon guide named Brelmir, a lantern-bearer named Brervik and a minstrel named Melveth. Brelmir will draw a map of the dungeon while the party explore, while Melveth can sing and play his lute when the party are in need of encouragement.


Before they leave Brodok the party make use of the services of three professionals. Ulsifri pays Talam the bladesmith six gold pieces to hone her glaive. Claral pays the apothecary Gedrurth 25 gold pieces to envenom her sword. Groldran pays the wise woman Idda 10 gold pieces for knowledge of local legends and lore.

The Dungeon

Entering the wilderness the party take a different route than before and come to the entrance of another dungeon at the foot of a bleak hill, a huge double door of wood reinforced with iron. The party form their marching order and enter.

1. Entrance

The party go east.

2. Puzzle box

A large room empty except for a puzzle box (level 5). Grorvarn succeeds in opening it and finds a scroll with Fireball inscribed on it.

3. Empty corridor

4. Trolls

A room inhabited by three trolls. Groldran and Brelmir kill one each and Grorvarn kills the third with a Fireball. Using his short sword Groldran cuts up the troll that he and Brelmir killed. Grorvarn finds a bronze bracelet worth 30 gold pieces. Returning to the entrance the party head west.

5. Empty room

An empty room. The party search it but find nothing.

6. Hobgoblin

A hobgoblin armed with a morning star. The party expect him to flee but the fool asks for a bribe of 10 gold pieces. Groldran kills him and finds a Fireball Staff which he gives to Grorvarn.

7. Hobgoblins

Six hobgoblins armed with swords and morning stars. Brelmir, Groldran and Ulsifri kill four but Grorvarn’s Fireball misses and Claral wastes the venom on her blade as her hit merely grazes a hobgoblin without wounding him. The remaining two hobgoblins flee. In the belt pouch of one hobgoblin Groldran finds a sardonyx gemstone worth 35 gold pieces.

8. Ogre

The party search this empty corridor but find nothing and Ulsifri is attacked by an ogre coming from the hobgoblin lair. Ulsifri wounds the ogre but is killed. Grorvarn uses up both his remaining Fireball spells and is wounded before he defeats the ogre using his Sleep scroll. He bandages his wound.

Grorvarn fails to gain a level.

The party form a new marching order. Brelmir stops mapping so that he can carry Ulsifri’s body back to the dungeon entrance.

5. Medusa

Returning to this room the party encounter a medusa wearing a hooded robe. The party wait to see what she will do. She throws back her hood to reveal her snake-covered head, and attacks. All members of the party are turned to stone except Groldran, who withdraws from the room in the direction of the dungeon entrance and slams the door behind him. He returns to Brodok.

Because Groldran’s current adventure is over he cannot make use of the knowledge provided by Idda the wise woman until he pays for her service again. Also, any retainer that is turned from stone back to flesh must be paid again at the beginning of the next adventure.








3 thoughts on “4AD – Playtest of Deeper Dungeons (Part One)

  1. Yes the game is based on charts that you roll d6s on. There are charts for different types of monster (vermin, minions, boss monsters and weird monsters), special room features, special events, traps, treasure and quests (which some monsters give you). The rooms aren’t generated by charts though: there are a few pages of different rooms and corridors, each of which has a different d66 number (e.g. 16, 22, 31). So you build a complete room or corridor rolling two d6s of a different colour. The game plays fast and is great fun.


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