4AD – Playtest of Deeper Dungeons (Part Three)


Here is my third playtest of the Deeper Dungeons supplement for Four Against Darkness from Ganesha Games. This time the adventurers didn’t make it to the lower level. Next time I will fudge the dice rolls and only make the adventure really difficult once the party has reached the lower level.

Note that the rules are still not final so they may be different in the published book.


Returning to Brodok, Groldran sells his ring for 12 gold pieces. He sells his mace and buys a suit of light armour and a new maul. Three adventurers join him for another expedition into the dungeon: Runden the rogue, Olvi the halfling woman and Theldruva the cleric.

The party go to the dungeon. After taking Ulsifri’s corpse back to Brodok for burial they return to the dungeon and enter.

5. Ghost

Groldran leads the party to the room near the entrance where the medusa turned all of his companions to stone. The stone image of the lantern-bearer Brervik still stands in the room. Theldruva approaches the statue to cast a Blessing and turn Brervik back to flesh, but before she can do so the ghost of a dead warrior appears in the room and passes through the party, chilling the air around him. Olvi turns deathly pale.

Olvi loses one life.

After the ghost has disappeared Theldruva restores Brervik to flesh and Groldran pays him again. The party forms a new marching order.

6. Skeletons

Seven skeletons armed with swords and spears. The party attack. Groldran and Olvi destroy one each and Brervik destroys the remaining five in a furious attack.

7. Fungi folk

Four fungi folk. The party wait to see what they will do and they attack. The party kill all of the fungi folk but not before Runden, Groldran and Olvi have been wounded and Brervik has been killed. Theldruva casts Healing on Runden. Groldran takes Brervik’s money to give to his heirs and Theldruva takes his lantern and sword. Groldran finds one gold piece on a fungus. Theldruva uses Brervik’s lantern and Runden puts away his own lantern so that he can carry Brervik’s corpse back to the dungeon entrance.

5. Giant spider

When the party returns to the room where Brervik was restored to flesh, a giant spider attacks Olvi and Runden at the rear of the party. Olvi is killed and Runden is bitten and then succumbs to the spider’s poison, but is still alive. Groldran uses his Mass Teleport scroll to teleport himself, Runden and Theldruva back to the entrance room of the dungeon. The adventurers return to Brodok and arrange for Brervik to be buried.


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