4AD – Playtest of Deeper Dungeons (Part Four)


Here is my fourth playtest of the Deeper Dungeons supplement for Four Against Darkness from Ganesha Games. The party did better this time, killing a boss monster on the deeper level.

Note that the rules are still not final so they may be different in the published book.


In Brodok the party of Groldran, Runden and Theldruva are joined by another adventurer, an elven woman named Tanra. The party goes to the dungeon.

5. Empty room

This room is now empty. Olvi’s corpse is nowhere to be seen.

6. Empty room

7. Zombies

Three zombies armed with swords lurch towards the party. Runden destroys all three.

8. Empty corridor

9. Empty corridor

10. Puzzle box

A puzzle box (level 3) is on the floor in this corridor. Runden picks it up and fails to open it. Poison gas billows out of a hole in the box, causing him to cough uncontrollably for a while.

11. Rats

The party enter a room which Groldran recognises as the lair of the iron eater, but that monster is nowhere to be seen. Instead there are six rats in the room who flee from the party.

12. Skeletal rats

This room that was the lair of a chimera is now inhabited by eight skeletal rats who flee from the party.

13. Vampire frogs

Six vampire frogs. The party destroy all the frogs but Theldruva is wounded and is given a bandage by Groldran.

14. Wandering alchemist

The party meet a wandering alchemist named Tronden. As they cannot afford any of his wares they bid him good-day and then descend the stairs to the lower level of the dungeon.


15. Lower level

The spiked metal ball that Claral detected and triggered still lies at the foot of the stairs. The party make their way around it and go through the door on the left.

29. Empty corridor

The party take the door on the left.

30. Dark dwarf

In this room there is a dark dwarf with grey skin, armed with a two-handed axe. He does not flee but instead asks the party for a bribe of 50 gold pieces. Runden kills him. In the dwarf’s belt pouch Runden finds two green spinel gemstones worth 200 gold pieces each. He keeps one and gives the other to Groldran. The party return to the corridor and take the other door.

31. Lair of the dragon man

This room is inhabited by a dragon man; he stands on two legs and has no wings but has the head of a dragon and scaly red skin. The party wait to see what he will do and he breathes fire at them. The adventurers gradually wear down the monster with Groldran dealing him a fatal blow with his maul, but not before every member of the party except Runden has been wounded.

Theldruva fails to gain a level.

Groldran remembers that the Book of Secrets mentioned a dragon-headed man with a hoard of gold; sure enough the dragon man has 360 gold pieces hidden under rubble in his lair! After every member of the party has taken their share of 90 gold pieces the adventurers head back to the stairs to leave the dungeon.

12. Orc brute

When the party return to this room on the first level a huge orc armed with a heavy flail attacks Tanra and Theldruva at the rear of the party. The party kill him but not before Runden has been wounded.

Runden fails to gain a level.

7. Catoblepas

When the party return to this room a catoblepas crashes through the door behind them and attacks Tanra. This monster has the body of a buffalo, the legs of a hippopotamus and the head of a huge warthog on the end of a long, thin neck. Its bloodshot eyes strike fear. The party kill the catoblepas.

Tanra gains a level and is now a level two elf.

5. Hobgoblins

Six hobgoblins armed with swords and halberds attack the party from the rear. The party kill them and on one of the corpses Runden finds a silver bracelet worth 80 gold pieces. The party exit the dungeon with the dragon man’s gold and return to Brodok as wealthy heroes!















3 thoughts on “4AD – Playtest of Deeper Dungeons (Part Four)

  1. Interesting summary! I look forward to read more. The différence of Deeper Dungeons with regular 4AD is not obvious as I read, except for stairs and new boss monsters. If you are allowed to, would you please care to share your impressions on how play changes ? I’m at my 13th adventure with 4AD so far and I faced death very seldom, in fact only when playing with a handicap and experimental warbands (ex. 4 wizards, 4 monks, 4 paladins…) and i realized my greatest fun was when i felt close to losing party members. Does DD help Make the game more “hardcore”, or even “fourthcore”?

    Thanks !


  2. I think Deeper Dungeons makes the game more interesting as well as harder. There is more variety in terms of special features, dungeon inhabitants, etc. But Deeper Dungeon levels are not easy to get through if you only have first or second level characters. You must have had some good rolls to survive with four wizards in a party; I had a wizard character who did well in combat one time due to an Explosive Six roll but he soon died.


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