A Golem and Bandits

A Golem and Bandits PNG image

One hex = six miles

My Scarlet Heroes player character Du Renshu continues to explore the Altgrimmr Mountains. Renshu is a third level fighter with the following traits:

  • Forest Hermit: 2
  • Strong Constitution: 3
  • Once was a Peasant Rebel: 2

Having left Hasan al-Sakhawi’s trade post, Renshu has travelled west over the forested foothills of the Altgrimmr Mountains.

Hex 03.04: forested hills

A Feature is discovered

Ruined town

Type of Feature: ruin and town

Feature builder: refugees

Reason to build: storehouse

Great past event: earthquake

Current state: partially buried

Contents: roll an Encounter – Construct, War Golem

Walls: mortared stones

Towers: pagoda-style

Wall adornments: featureless surface

Other features: frail partitions

Favoured colours: hot red hues

He follows a stream up a valley and comes to ruined walls of mortared stones, the defensive walls of a ruined town beyond. In places the walls have crumbled into heaps of masonry overgrown with vegetation, as if shattered by a great earthquake. The town must have been built long ago by Imperials as there are several ruined pagodas scattered across the ruins. Many of the buildings are sunk in crevices that the earthquake opened in the ground. The exterior walls of the buildings are featureless where they are not overgrown with vines, but inside the rooms are painted in fading red and feature thin partitions of brick which were largely destroyed by the earthquake. He passes rows of ruined brick warehouses, all of which are now empty.

He comes to a large octagonal pagoda of brick with the lower storeys still largely intact. He tethers his horse in the bamboo grove that surrounds the ruin and enters a room at ground level where the walls were cracked by the earthquake and the floor is strewn with rubble. Near the centre of the room stands a statue of bronze and steel 10 feet tall, with the face of a scowling ogre and bearing a huge sword. The statue comes to life as he approaches it and he realises that it must be the guardian golem of this ancient temple. The golem advances to attack and he draws his sword.

Renshu destroys the golem and slumps exhausted against a wall. He tends his wounds.

Hit points: 14

There is a stone stairwell in the centre of the room, within which is a spiral staircase that once led up and down. But the stairs are now choked with rubble and the other three doorways leading out of the room only lead to the bamboo grove. He makes camp in the ruins by the stream.

Rations: 6

Hex 02.05: mountains

The next day he travels south-west. The hills grow steeper and soon he is travelling through the Altgrimmr Mountains.

Event: no water; forage at -1 or suffer thirst

The slopes grow ever steeper and rockier and soon he has drunk all the water in his waterskin. He searches for a water source and finds a spring.

Rations: 5

Hex 01.04: mountains

A Feature is discovered

Fu Dai’s lead mine

Type of Feature: structure and mine

Is the camp an old, established one? No, but… naivete; the camp is undefended.

He comes to a cluster of tents and crude huts built of pine logs on the side of a mountain. Beyond the settlement is the entrance of a mine from which miners are emerging carrying buckets of lead ore. A miner directs him to the hut of the manager, an Imperial man named Fu Dai. Renshu pays him six silver pieces to stable his horse and pitch his tent on the outskirts of the camp.

Money: 12 gp, 4 sp and 3 cp

He notes that the camp has no defences of any kind, not even a crude timber palisade. After eating some of his rations he settles down to sleep as night is falling.

Rations: 4

The camp will be attacked by a random marauder or marauders:

  1. 1d6 bandits
  2. One bull-sized nue with the head of an eagle and the body of a tiger
  3. One griffon
  4. 2d4 hill giants
  5. 2d4 goblin Shou
  6. 2d4 orc Shou

Three bandits approach Renshu’s tent on the outskirts of the camp. The difficulty of the check for Renshu to hear the bandits is 13. Renshu fails the check.

In the night three men armed with spears enter Renshu’s tent and surprise him. He doesn’t have time to draw his sword before they attack.

Renshu manages to roll away from the bandits’ spear thrusts. He draws his sword and kills all three bandits. He searches the corpses but finds nothing. He drags the corpses out of his tent and settles down to sleep again.

In the morning he shows Fu Dai the bandits’ corpses. Fu Dai agrees with him that the camp needs to be better defended. He pays Renshu three gold pieces for killing the bandits.

Money: 15 gp, 4 sp and 3 cp

Renshu refills his waterskin in a nearby stream and then heads south-west into the mountains.

Hex 00.05: mountains

A Feature is discovered

Ruined mage school

Type of Feature: dungeon

Dungeon type: academy (ruined mage school)

Locations: 23

Inhabitants: looters (first seven rooms), supremacists (next eight rooms), and undead from massacre (last eight rooms)

Threat: 2

Favoured colours of interior rooms: only natural hues

Travelling up a valley he comes to a ruin secluded in a pine forest, surrounded by a crumbling stone wall. The architecture is of the Imperial style. He enters the ruined gateway cautiously.

Renshu receives one experience point for his adventure so far.

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