The Dungeon of Gevdrin’s Tower – a solo Labyrinth Lord adventure using Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator

Bruld region PNG image.png

One hex = six miles

This is a dungeon adventure played using Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator, which provides the player with a template to fill in (including details for special areas, traps, treasure and encounters) which can then be used to randomly generate a dungeon during play.

The adventure ended in a Total Party Kill but I was pleased with the results; I rolled the two ‘special’ chambers that I had loaded into the template. I’ll roll up a new party to finish exploring the dungeon.


Bruld is a large walled town of 2,600 inhabitants, ruled by a mayor and a council. Situated on the edge of the wilderness regions of the Drundorn Hills and Hunuf Plain, it is a pleasant town where oak trees grow on greens amidst the shops and houses. The town skyline is dominated by the stone hall of the town council. Other notable stone buildings are the temple of Dronlan, the god of merchants and adventurers, and the temple of Athaya, the goddess of healing.

The Wizard’s Garden

The Wizard’s Garden is a new inn that has been built in the garden that once belonged to Gevdrin, a powerful wizard who lived in Bruld a long time ago. Gevdrin’s house was demolished by order of the town council after the wizard left the town. The inn is a two storey building of brick with red-painted doors, and is known for the strange-tasting (though not unpleasant) ale, beer and wine sold there. Some say that this is a result of the lingering sorcery over the site.

The story of Gevdrin is well-known to the patrons at the inn. The wizard left Bruld many years ago because the town council kept bothering him about the dangerous experiments that he was conducting in his house. He built a tower on Hunuf Plain about six miles south of Bruld, and was seldom seen in the town again. One evening a few years ago some of Gevdrin’s servants were returning to the tower from Bruld when they saw a huge fireball engulf the building. No doubt the result of an experiment of the wizard, the fireball killed Gevdrin and all of his servants who were in the tower at the time, leaving the building a charred stone shell; only the dungeon beneath the tower survived the destruction. The dungeon soon became known to adventurers and many have set out from Bruld to retrieve the treasure that can no doubt be found there, but none have ever returned.

The Adventurers

Six adventurers have gathered in The Wizard’s Garden to plan an expedition into the dungeon. They are:

  1. Hanrus, a warrior
  2. Kalgar, a half-orc warrior
  3. Lonra, an elven woman
  4. Medron, a wizard
  5. Renorv, a cleric of Athaya the goddess of healing
  6. Rushta, a halfling woman and thief.

Lonra is an elf of the basic class of Labyrinth Lord.

The journey to Gevdrin’s Tower

On a fine spring morning the party leave The Wizard’s Garden and set out from Bruld south towards the tower. After travelling through the hamlets, farmland and sparse woodland south of Bruld, at midday the party enter the rugged expanse of Hunuf Plain where the dominant vegetation is low grass.

Hunuf Plain encounters (d4):

  1. Giant Carnivorous Flies (1d6+1)
  2. Giant Ferrets (1d6+1)
  3. Giant Hawk (1)
  4. Stirges (1d10+3)

No encounter rolled.

As evening is approaching the party reach the ruin of the tower. As described in The Wizard’s Garden the round tower is a ruined stone shell, the wooden upper floors having been destroyed by the fireball. The ground floor is overgrown with grasses from the plain, but the party find a spiral staircase within the wall which leads down into the dungeon. After resting for a while the party descend the steps.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


1: Chamber of strange smoke

The staircase leads down to a large square chamber. In each corner of the chamber there is a 10-foot tall bronze statue of a man with an expressionless face, who is holding a pot. White smoke billows out of each pot and fills the room, but it does not choke the adventurers. By the light of Renorv’s torch they can just make out doors in the middle of the west and east walls, made of oak and bound in iron. The party cross the chamber towards the door in the east wall.

As the party cross the chamber the smoke billowing out of the pots turns light blue, then deep blue. The statues now have benevolent smiles on their faces. The characters breathe in the smoke which fills them with vitality.

The smoke coming out of the pots turns a random colour, and has a different effect, every time someone enters the chamber. Originally I had intended the blue smoke to heal wounds. Since the party have not yet suffered any damage I decide that each member of the party will have a +1 to hit or on their next ability check, for the duration of the next combat or for their next ability check only.

First turn elapsed.

2: Arrow trap

The party enter a large rectangular chamber. Moving towards the north wall they see another door and something glinting on the floor in front of the door.

Rushta fails to detect the arrow trap.

Hanrus steps on a loose flagstone and hears a “click” sound. An arrow fires out of a slot above the door towards him. The arrow grazes his armour but does no damage. The glinting object on the floor is a silver necklace jewelled with violet garnets, which he puts in his belt pouch.

The necklace is worth 1,000 gp.

Second and third turns elapsed.

Kalgar and Lonra fail to find the secret door in the chamber.

Fourth and fifth turns elapsed.

The party rest in the chamber for a while.

Sixth turn elapsed.

Renorv lights a new torch (15 left).

The party go through the door in the north wall.

3: Fountain

The party enter a square chamber. There is a fountain of white marble in the centre, in the form of a nude nymph holding a pot that pours water into a basin. The walls are painted with frescoes of a forest inhabited by sylvan beings such as elves, sprites and unicorns. There are two doors in the north wall and two doors in the west wall.

Cautiously they take small sips of the water in the fountain. It is cold, refreshing and tastes somehow magical and they take deep drinks of it.

This fountain is a healing fountain that restores all lost hit points of each character once only. As none of the characters have been injured they can return here and drink again to receive this benefit.

First turn elapsed.

The party go through the right-hand door in the north wall.

4: Empty chamber

The party enter a large rectangular chamber. It is empty except for a broken long sword and a pile of dry leaves and twigs.

Kalgar finds the secret door in the chamber.

Second and third turns elapsed.

In the east wall Kalgar finds a secret door; a stone in the wall pivots to reveal an alcove leading to a corridor which runs parallel to the chamber north and south. Hanrus marks the location of the secret door with a twig and the party go through the other door in the north wall.

5: Abandoned storeroom

The party enter a large chamber which once served as a storeroom; there are broken barrels, chests and crates scattered about the floor. Searching through the debris piled against the north wall are five hobgoblins. Their hairy hides are a dark reddish-brown and their faces are red. They wear red tunics under armour of black studded leather. One is armed with a long sword and a short bow, two are armed with halberds, and two are armed with morning stars. They stop searching through the debris and turn around when the party enter the chamber.

The hobgoblins are neutral and may attack. I decide that they will attack if Medron, who speaks hobgoblin, fails a charisma ability check. Since Lonra, an elf, is with the party Medron cannot make use of the +1 bonus given by the blue smoke and must make the check with a -1 penalty.

Medron says that he will speak to the hobgoblins as he understands their language. He greets them and says that the party mean them no harm and are only looking for a way through the dungeon.

Medron fails the check. The hobgoblins attack and have the initiative. They have 6, 9, 5, 6 and 4 hit points. The party have the +1 to hit bonus provided by the blue smoke for the duration of the combat.

Lonra kills one of the hobgoblins with a Magic Missile and one of them flees. But all of the adventurers are killed by the three remaining hobgoblins.














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