The Dungeon of Gevdrin’s Tower – Second Expedition


One hex = six miles

Here is the second session of my Labyrinth Lord dungeon crawl using Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator. Continuing on from the first expedition to the dungeon beneath Gevdrin’s Tower, this expedition ended in another Total Party Kill.

The Adventurers

Once again six adventurers have gathered at the inn in the town of Bruld called The Wizard’s Garden to plan an expedition into the dungeon beneath the ruins of Gevdrin’s Tower, situated on Hunuf Plain to the south of Bruld. The adventurers are:

  1. Durlan, a male elf (of the basic elf class of Labyrinth Lord)
  2. Jevund, a male human warrior
  3. Madrin, a female human cleric of Athaya the goddess of healing
  4. Tholroth, a male half-elven warrior
  5. Voldrunda, a female dwarven thief
  6. Wodnirt, a male gnome illusionist

The journey to Gevdrin’s Tower

On a clear spring morning the party leave The Wizard’s Garden and set out from Bruld south towards the tower. After travelling through the hamlets, farmland and sparse woodland south of Bruld, at midday the party enter the rugged expanse of Hunuf Plain where the dominant vegetation is low grass.

Hunuf Plain encounters (d4):

  1. Giant Carnivorous Flies (1d6+1)
  2. Giant Ferrets (1d6+1)
  3. Giant Hawk (1)
  4. Stirges (1d10+3)

No encounter rolled.

Night is falling by the time the adventurers reach the ruin of the tower. As described in The Wizard’s Garden the round tower is a ruined stone shell, the wooden upper floors having been destroyed by the fireball. The ground floor is overgrown with grasses from Hunuf Plain, but the party find a spiral staircase which leads down into the dungeon. After resting for a while the party descend the steps.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


1: Chamber of strange smoke

The staircase leads down to a large chamber. In each corner of the chamber there is a 10-foot tall bronze statue of a man with an expressionless face, who is holding a pot. White smoke billows out of each pot and fills the room, but it does not choke the adventurers. By the light of Madrin’s torch they can just make out doors in the middle of the west and east walls, made of oak and bound in iron. The party cross the chamber towards the door in the west wall.

The smoke coming out of the pots turns a random colour, and has a different effect, every time someone enters the chamber.

As the party cross the chamber the smoke billowing out of the pots turns light green, then dark green. The statues now have malevolent smiles on their faces. The characters breathe in the smoke which makes them feel light-headed and disorientated.

All of the characters except Voldrunda fail the saving throw versus spells. Every character except Voldrunda will have a -1 to hit for the duration of the next combat or for the next ability check.

First turn elapsed.

6: Dripping chamber

The party enter an empty chamber where mold covers the walls and water drips down from the ceiling. There are three doors in the west wall and one door in the north wall. Voldrunda has now recovered from the effect of the green smoke, but the other characters are still disorientated. Madrin, a knowledgeable herbalist, eats some sage leaves and offers them to the others in the hope that the herb may counter the effect of the smoke.

Each character must make a Wisdom ability check to successfully benefit from the sage leaves. Durlan, Jevund and Tholroth succeed in countering the effect of the smoke but Madrin and Wodnirt do not.

The sage leaves succeed in clearing the heads of all of the affected adventurers except Madrin and Wodnirt.

Madrin and Wodnirt still have a -1 to hit for the duration of the next combat or the next ability check.

Second turn elapsed.

The party go through the southernmost door in the west wall. They enter a corridor which turns right and then left before ending at a T-junction. The party take the corridor on the left which ends at a door.

Third, fourth and fifth turns elapsed.

The party rest in the corridor.

Sixth turn elapsed.

Madrin lights a new torch (15 left).

7: Green slime lair

Each adventurer must make a Wisdom check to see the green slime clinging to the ceiling. The first adventurer to see the slime can warn the others. If no adventurer sees the slime then it will surprise the adventurers.

The party enter a rectangular chamber with doors in the east and west walls. There is a rusty iron key on the floor near to the door in the east wall, but nothing else of interest in the chamber.

The party cross the chamber towards the key. Durlan notices green slime clinging to the ceiling above the key and shouts a warning to the others. The green slime starts to drip down onto the floor around the key.

Durlan must make a Dexterity check to grab the key without being hit by the slime. He succeeds on the check.

Durlan snatches the key off the floor just before all of the green slime drops down onto the floor. The green slime now blocks the way to the door but Madrin destroys it using her torch.

First and second turns elapsed.

Durlan finds that the key was the correct one for the door. The party enter the rectangular chamber beyond.

8: Stirge lair

The chamber is filled with cobwebs which cover most of the east wall. The party advance cautiously into the chamber, expecting to see a giant spider at any moment.

The 10 stirges in the chamber surprise the party and attack. The stirges have 7, 6, 4, 7, 6, 5, 7, 7, 7 and 3 hit points.

Instead of a spider the party are surprised by 10 creatures that look like flying anteaters with reddish-brown feathers and wings two feet long – stirges! These monsters swoop down on the party; Voldrunda, Durlan, Wodnirt and Madrin are each attacked by two stirges, while Jevund and Tholroth at the rear of the party are each attacked by one stirge. In the ensuing combat the party is overwhelmed and all of the adventurers are killed by the stirges.













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