Sentha’s Journey – Miso RPG combined with Rory’s Story Cubes

Here is a short adventure played using the basic set of Rory’s Story Cubes and Sophia Brandt’s Miso game, a minimalist solo RPG available for free on her blog.

The Setting and the Heroine

The setting is the Vedren Islands, an archipelago with a temperate climate. Hills and broadleaf forest cover most of the islands.

Sentha is a 15 year old maiden of the Trarg tribe. She lives in the village of Gev on the coast of Krelex Island. Sentha is a powerful swimmer. For many years a swimming festival has been held every summer in Gev. Villagers swim the kilometre between Gev and Swimmer’s Rock. When Sentha competed in the womens’ race this year she won the race and the prize, an amber necklace that she wears. She wears a light tunic belted at the waist that she can swim easily in, and carries a knife.

The Aikur tribe are the traditional enemies of the Trarg. In the previous year they destroyed all of the Trarg villages with the exception of Gev. The village is now attacked by Aikur warriors. Although the Trarg warriors fight bravely they are overwhelmed and their village is burned to the ground. Sentha is swimming not far from Gev when the village is attacked, so she is able to escape and swim to Swimmer’s Rock. Climbing up onto the rock she can see Gev burning.

Rovgan Island

After grieving for her lost village and family Sentha decides to swim to Rovgan Island, a small island two kilometres from Swimmer’s Rock.

I use the options rule from Miso:

Option A: Sentha swims to Rovgan Island without an incident (d12).

Option B: Sentha is attacked by a giant fish while swimming to Rovgan Island (d6).

I roll a 4 on the d12 and a 2 on the d6, so Sentha swims safely to Rovgan Island.

She reaches a beach of Rovgan Island and rests for a while. She finds a stream where she drinks. Searching the forest beyond the beach she finds some edible herbs to eat.

She explores the beach and finds a tidal pool full of fish. She returns to the forest and searches for a herb with leaves that can be used to poison fish.

Option A: She finds the herb (d8).

Option B: She doesn’t find the herb (d10).

She finds the herb and returns to the tidal pool with the leaves. She crushes the leaves with a rock and throws them into the water. Soon she has several fish to eat. Returning to the forest she collects some tinder and makes a fire with her knife and a rock. She cooks the fish and eats them before settling down to sleep.

I roll three cubes to determine what Sentha finds on Rovgan Island.


The next day she explores Rovgan Island, which is quite hilly and covered with forest. She finds no sign of human habitation, only trees and a small sea turtle on a beach. She rolls the turtle onto its shell, kills it and eats it. In the distance she can see another island. She decides to swim to this island.

When she is about 100 metres from the island she sees that a giant fish is closing in on her. It swims quite slowly and she tries to outswim it.

Option A: She is able to outswim the fish (d12).

Option B: The fish catches up with her (d6).

She is able to outswim the fish and reaches a beach on the island.


The Island of the Ruined Hut

She goes fishing again and catches more fish. The island is less hilly than Rovgan Island, but is still covered in forest. Exploring the forest beyond the beach she finds a rough trail which leads to a ruined stone hut. Searching the hut she finds a smooth piece of dark wood about as long as her forearm which terminates in a brilliant blue gemstone, a star sapphire. The wood of the wand has not decayed like the wooden items of furniture in the hut.


I decide that these images mean that the user of the wand can travel through air, water and on land with ease.

She leaves the hut, taking the wand with her. Returning through the forest to the beach she sees that bright light emanates from the star within the sapphire, and that the dense vegetation draws back at her approach.

She returns to the beach. She finds that if she concentrates while holding the wand she can rise a few metres off the ground. Soon she is able to fly around the island, which she finds to be devoid of any signs of habitation other than the ruined hut that she found earlier.


She sees another small turtle on a beach which she kills and eats. The next day she leaves the island and flies out over the sea.

The Island of the Pyramid

After flying for some time she comes to a large island, hilly and covered with forest. She can see villages dotted around the island. Deep within the forest at the top of a hill she sees a stone stepped pyramid. The top of the pyramid is flat and features an altar, around which there is a group of men wearing masks and white robes. Warriors armed with bows stand around the pyramid. She remembers that the Trarg used to tell stories about a distant island with a hill of stone built by men, inhabited by priests who would kill or sacrifice any intruders. She flies away from the pyramid but she has already been seen and the warriors fire arrows at her.

Option A: She is able to fly away without injury (d20).

Option B: She is hit by an arrow (d8).

I roll two 8s. I decide that she is hit by an arrow, but not badly injured.

One of the arrows grazes one of her legs as she is flying away, but does not seriously injure her. She flies away over the sea.


The Island of Giant Bees

She comes a small forested island. Flying around the island she seems to hear a voice in her head calling for help. The voice becomes stronger as she approaches a beach, where she can see a tiny woman about three feet tall, a gnome. The woman has tanned skin and white hair, and is wearing a green robe. She is running from a swarm of what appear to giant bees, each a foot long. The woman calls out to Sentha, and she swoops down and clasps the woman to her body with her free left arm before flying away from the island. The giant bees do not pursue them very far.

Sentha flies over the sea still holding the gnome woman. She introduces herself as Hufilbel, an explorer of the Vedren Islands with some skill in sorcery. She sensed that Sentha was approaching the island and so was able to call to her telepathically. Sentha tells her of how her village on Krelex Island was destroyed by the Aikur tribe.

Although Sentha is strong her arm is soon aching from holding Hufilbel. Noticing her discomfort the gnome woman directs her to fly to nearby Drononst Island.

Drononst Island

Reaching Drononst Island Sentha and Hufilbel come to the village of Drorva of the Trumvor tribe, a fishing people not unlike the Trarg. Hufilbel says that she has often visited the village before to trade. Sentha is adopted into the Trumvor and is happy to have found a new home.







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