Cheng Detlef

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Here is a Scarlet Heroes urban adventure featuring the second level thief Gong Trond, who has the following traits:

  • Ruin Explorer: 3
  • Great Stealth: 3
  • Friend to the Black Sapphire Tong: 1
  • Resist the Red Tide: 1


Trond recovers from his second expedition into the Cave of the Howling Ghosts at The Bronze Horse inn. He is now based in West Haicheng on the western side of the Lanbaoshi River, a largely prosperous and middle class district. He has 95 gold pieces stored in the vault of the goldsmith Komatsu Quan. After his recuperation is over he pays for breakfast and a cheap room for the day and then leaves The Bronze Horse to buy new equipment.

Money: 52 gp, 5 sp and 5 cp

Money in the vault: 95 gp

He has new clothes made by the tailor Hadabern Adler. He buys a new suit of leather armour from the leatherworker Li Zhensheng, and a new short sword and a dagger from the weaponsmith Wei Keung. He buys new equipment at the chandlery of Maysun al-Qattan before returning to The Bronze Horse for lunch.

Money: 2 gp and 4 sp

Threat: 2

Trond: 0 Victory points

Opponents: 0 Victory points

Haicheng: 0 Heat

Plot: a Target belongs to a group or ethnicity that is suffering problems from an Antagonist

Target: commoner – grizzled border hunter

Antagonist: commoner – erudite bookseller


  • kidnapping (of the Target)
  • location – isolated area
  • witness – concerned local
  • why no action? Officials bribed

I use the random tables to add more detail to the Target and the Antagonist and quickly put together a plot.

Trond learns some disturbing news from Koyama Keishu, the innkeeper of The Bronze Horse: the Eirengarder hunter Adalric Wulf has been kidnapped. Trond and Adalric were schoolmates in the school in the slum district of East Haicheng, run by Sister Yoshiko of the Hospice of Hesika. Adalric left the slums as soon as he could, living with the Gadaal and learning how to hunt in the wild borderlands to the north and west of Haicheng. An encounter with a leopard in the jungle-clad hills north of the village of Huaiji left him blind in one eye, but nevertheless he has prospered as a hunter. He sells furs in the Bazaar of West Haicheng, spending most of his money on good rice wine and harlots.

The last time Trond met Adalric he was spying on an Imperial man named Feng Bingwen, a learned bookseller of West Haicheng. He is another man from Trond’s past; several years ago Bingwen accompanied him as a lantern-bearer on his first expedition to plunder the ruins of the Altgrimmr Mountains. They explored a ruined shrine and Bingwen was happy to take possession of an ancient Imperial book that Trond found there. He has seen less of Bingwen over the years as the bookseller has become wealthier and less inclined to associate with adventurers. Bingwen is known for his love of fine finger rings and his ambition is to make enough money to be able to return to Xian, the city of his youth, and to live like a daifu there.

The middle class inhabitants of West Haicheng are notorious for their dislike of wild bordermen such as Adalric, and Bingwen is no exception. West Haicheng is keen to shed it’s image as a frontier district and to establish itself as an equal to East Haicheng, which features not only the slum district near the sea but also the renowned Five Pinnacle Pagoda and the court of the Magistrate. Adventurers are becoming increasingly unwelcome in West Haicheng, even if they do bring wealth to the district, and they are associated with tavern brawls and riotous behaviour. In addition, Bingwen has accused Adalric of casing his bookshop with the intention of stealing from him.

Keishu tells Trond that Adalric was kidnapped on the outskirts of Huaiji while on his way to a wilderness hunt. A villager named Hu Anguo saw a gang of men surround the hunter. The men were not locals and Anguo did not recognise any of them. Adalric attacked them with his spear but was quickly overcome. He was bound and a sack was put over his head before he was put on a horse and taken back to Haicheng. Anguo reported the incident to Ding Chung, the headman of Huaiji, but one of the men paid a bribe to Ding Chung and told him not to investigate the matter as Adalric was a criminal.

Keishu is sure that Bingwen is behind the kidnapping of Adalric, but Trond says that he will investigate the matter further. He will spend all of next day staking out Bingwen’s bookshop. He goes to Komatsu Quan’s workshop where he withdraws 10 gold pieces from the vault, in case he has to bribe someone over the course of his investigation.

Money: 12 gp and 4 sp

Money in the vault: 85 gp

He returns to The Bronze Horse where he pays for a meal and then goes to bed.

Money: 12 gp and 2 sp

Investigation scene: Feng Bingwen’s bookshop

Stake out a Location. Whether or not you win the check, your opponent gains a Victory point due to delay.

In the morning he pays for breakfast and for a cheap room for the day.

Money: 11 gp, 9 sp and 5 cp

He goes to Bingwen’s bookshop, a small, narrow shop like an covered alleyway where the shelves are stacked with books of all types. There are leather-bound tomes as well as Imperial-style books of bamboo slats tied with red or blue silk. Bingwen enters the shop from a back room to greet a customer and Trond quickly ducks outside before the bookseller can see him. He spends the remainder of the day staking out the shop and buys a cheap meal at The Red Griffon tavern nearby.

Money: 11 gp and 9 sp

Trond succeeds on the check.

What does the clue he gains relate to? I decide that Bingwen wouldn’t be likely to responsible for the kidnapping on his own. I roll on the “elite and noble” list of NPCs and get a “wealthy heir.” Oracular word: forgetfulness.

In the early evening a bamboo litter carried by two servants stops outside the bookshop, which is currently empty of customers. Trond sees a young man get out of the litter and enter the bookshop. He is of mixed Imperial and Eirengarder or Skandr descent and dressed in a fine robe of blue silk. Trond eavesdrops near the entrance. The visitor seems to forget that he is an public place and talks quite loudly with Bingwen about the kidnapping of Adalric. Trond is mindful that the servants bearing the litter are staring at him and does not eavesdrop for very long, but nevertheless he hears the two men complain about the rogues and adventurers such as Adalric who plague West Haicheng. He also determines that the visitor is Cheng Detlef, the heir of the merchant Cheng Chao whose palace is in West Haicheng.

Trond: 1 Victory point and a Clue

Opponents: 1 Victory point

A roll of 1 on a 1d10 means that the opponents gain an additional Victory point.

Opponents: 2 Victory points

Haicheng: 0 Heat

Tomorrow he will pay a visit to the Cheng palace. He goes back to The Bronze Horse where he pays for a meal and then goes to bed.

Money: 11 gp and 7 sp

Action scene: the Cheng palace

Face the foe’s best warrior. Face a Fight instead of a check.

The next morning he pays for breakfast and for a cheap room for the day.

Money: 11 gp, 4 sp and 5 cp

He leaves The Bronze Horse and goes to the Cheng palace.

The foes are a guard with Veteran statistics and four hired thugs with Rabble statistics.

The Cheng palace is the largest building in West Haicheng and exemplifies the aspirations of the district. The two-storey building is surrounded by a garden of bamboo and orchids. Trond easily scales the stone wall surrounding the garden and then gains entry to the palace itself through a paper window on the ground floor. He finds himself in a storeroom full of crates and jugs. Leaving the room he enters a corridor. Going through one of the doors leading off the corridor he enters a guardroom. An Imperial man in a chain hauberk is sitting at a table, drinking with four other men.

The man in the chain hauberk looks up and gruffly asks Trond what he is doing in the palace. Trond replies that he is looking for Adalric Wulf. The man gets up and draws his sword, and the four other men pick up knives or clubs.

Trond kills the guard and two of the thugs without sustaining a wound. The other two thugs throw down their weapons.

I use a table from the Dungeon section of the Scarlet Heroes solo rules to determine what each of the surrendering thugs do next.

One of the thugs, an Imperial man, pleads for his life and offers Trond a bronze finger ring jewelled with green chalcedony which he says is worth at least 200 gold pieces. Trond takes the ring but says that he only wants to know where Adalric Wulf is. The thug replies that he does not know, but that he is certainly nowhere in the palace.

The other thug is an Eirengarder named Fritigern, who says that Trond is a better man than Cheng Detlef. He explains that Detlef’s father Cheng Chao is a decent man, but that he is now elderly and bed-ridden. His son is arrogant and is using his wealth and position to his own advantage. Fritigern cannot tell Trond where Adalric Wulf is, or what Detlef and Bingwen want with him. But he offers to help Trond find him and Trond agrees that he could use an extra blade. Fritigern picks up his knife and goes with Trond to The Bronze Horse, where Trond buys a cheap meal.

Money: 11 gp and 4 sp

Trond: 3 Victory points

Opponents: 2 Victory points

A roll of 7 on a 1d10 means that the opponents do not gain a Victory point.

Haicheng: 2 Heat

Conflict scene: Luo Salim’s house

Outmanoeuvre a local official suborned or bribed by the foe. Roll a die; on an odd result, add 1 Heat to the community.

Fritigern tells Trond that Luo Salim, the tax collector for West Haicheng, has been suborned by Detlef and has imposed a heavy tax on the hunters and wandering peddlers who sell their goods at the Bazaar of West Haicheng. This tax has not been approved by Magistrate Hao Ying. Trond goes to Luo Salim’s house to look for proof of his corruption.

He slips into Salim’s house through a door for servants at the rear of the building. Once inside he makes his way stealthily through the house, avoiding servants and looking for Salim’s study.

Using his trait of “Great Stealth” Trond succeeds on the check.

He finds the study and a letter from Detlef to Salim, outlining the requirements of the tax and why it must be imposed in order to keep the “undesirables” out of West Haicheng or at least to extort from them as much money as can be made. The letter also refers to Magistrate Hao Ying as a weak and ineffectual woman who should not be in charge of Haicheng.

Trond leaves the house by the rear door. He crosses the Lanbaoshi Bridge to East Haicheng. At the palace of the Magistrate he has to wait for some time, but manages to give the letter to an official who conveys it to Hao Ying at once.

He goes back to West Haicheng. On the way back to The Bronze Horse he goes to the shop of the fence Jen Mhairi where he sells the bronze ring given to him by the thug in the Cheng palace.

Money: 36 gp and 4 sp

He returns to The Bronze Horse.

Money: 36 gp and 2 sp

Trond: 4 Victory points

Opponents: 1 Victory point

Haicheng: 2 Heat

A roll of 6 on a 1d6 means that no Heat is added.

Investigation scene: Hu Anguo’s house in Huaiji

Bribe an Actor to give you a Clue. Roll a die; on an odd, immediately face a Conflict scene with them or on their behalf and win it to succeed. On an even, pay a reasonable bribe or fail the challenge.

Trond must pay a reasonable bribe.

Next morning he pays for breakfast and for a cheap room and then leaves Haicheng without taking Fritigern with him. He takes the road leading north to Huaiji. He has decided to talk to the villager Hu Anguo; perhaps he might be able to remember some characteristic of one or more of the men who went to the village to kidnap Adalric and then bribed the headman Ding Chung.

Money: 35 gp, 9 sp and 5 cp

Arriving at Huaiji he buys a mug of rice beer in tavern and asks for directions to Hu Anguo’s house. Fortunately the tavernkeeper finds nothing suspicious about his request. He goes to Hu Anguo’s house and waits for him to come in from the rice paddy for his midday meal.

Money: 35 gp, 9 sp and 3 cp

He meets Anguo and offers him five gold pieces, asking him if he can remember anything specific about the men involved in the kidnapping of Adalric Wulf. Anguo is delighted to receive the money, which is undoubtedly more gold than he has ever seen before.

Money: 30 gp, 9 sp and 3 cp

I roll on the “memorable traits” table. I get “gaudy jewellery” which suggests that Bingwen was involved in the kidnapping. Since I already know this I decide to roll on the “elite and noble” NPC table and the “ethnicity” table and get the result of a “foreign nobleman” of Eshkanti ethnicity.

Anguo says that after he went to Ding Chung’s house to report the kidnapping he was followed into the house by two of the kidnappers. One of the men was an Imperial wearing several costly rings on his fingers. The other was an Eshkanti man who wore a common tunic and trousers but was clearly of noble speech and bearing. This man handed Chung a bag of coins and told him not to report the incident as Adalric Wulf was a wanted criminal.

Trond thanks Anguo for his information and returns to Haicheng. He now knows that Bingwen was directly involved in the kidnapping. As for the other man, the only Eshkanti nobleman living in Haicheng that he knows of is a daifu from the Magocracy of Tien Lung named Muadh bin-Kazi. He claims that he left the Magocracy after he made an enemy of the Enlightened Sage who rules in the city of Tien Lung. Many consider him an agent of Tien Lung sent to spy on Magistrate Hao Ying, but he has chosen to make his home in West Haicheng rather than live alongside the other wealthy inhabitants of the city in the streets surrounding the Magistrate’s palace. He is often seen drinking tea in The Jade Bird tea house in West Haicheng. Trond knows that any daifu of Tien Lung must surely be a sorcerer of great power, so he is reluctant to confront bin-Kazi on his own.

He returns to the The Bronze Horse for lunch.

Money: 30 gp, 8 sp and 8 cp

Trond: 5 Victory points and a Clue

Opponents: 1 Victory point

A roll of 2 on a 1d10 means that the opponents gain a Victory point.

Opponents: 2 Victory points

Haicheng: 2 Heat

Action scene: The Jade Bird teahouse

Rally an Actor and their comrades to oppose the foe.

In the early evening he goes to The Jade Bird teahouse. Again he does not take Fritigern with him. Muadh bin-Kazi is in the teahouse drinking tea by himself. He is wearing an ornate robe of red silk with gold brocade. Trond sits down at the table next to bin-Kazi’s table and pays for a cup of tea.

Money: 30 gp, 8 sp and 5 cp

For the new Actor I roll on the “elite and noble” table and get a “shipping fleet owner.”

Three men enter the teahouse. Two are Imperials, one wearing a robe of blue silk and the other wearing a plain tunic and trousers. The third man is Kueh and wears a black kimono. Trond recognises the plainly-dressed Imperial; he is the captain of a small merchant junk and Trond has seen him in The Squid and Whale tavern in the slums near the docks. His name is Deng Qianfan.

The three men exchange greetings with bin-Kazi and sit down at his table. Trond overhears them discussing some venture with the daifu. The wealthier of the two Imperial men is a shipping fleet owner named Chen Tao. The Kueh man is named Oshiro Hiromi and he is the captain of a junk. It seems that bin-Kazi is organising an expedition to the Shou Lands beyond the Magocracy of Tien Lung. The other men seem rather reserved and suspicious when talking to bin-Kazi, and Trond sees an opportunity to work against him.

Chen Tao, Deng Qianfan and Oshiro Hiromi finish their tea and leave the teahouse. Trond follows them outside and tries to convince them not to trust bin-Kazi. He tells them about his conversation with Hu Anguo who witnessed bin-Kazi bribe Ding Chung following the kidnapping of Adalric Wulf.

Trond fails the check.

Chen Tao is dismissive of Trond’s claim, saying that he trusts bin-Kazi well enough.

Trond: 5 Victory points

Opponents: 3 Victory points

A roll of 7 on a 1d10 means that the opponents do not gain an additional Victory point.

Haicheng: 2 Heat

He returns to The Bronze Horse.

Money: 30 gp, 6 sp and 5 cp

Conflict scene: the guild hall of the potters’ guild

Suffer betrayal by an Actor; face a Fight as you try to escape or avenge yourself.

The next morning he pays for a breakfast and for a cheap room.

Money: 30 gp and 4 sp

Actor: commoner – retired mercenary officer

At The Bronze Horse he is met by an aging and battle-scarred Eirengarder man who introduces himself as Tancred Schmidt, a retired mercenary officer. He says that he is also looking for Adalric, an old acquaintance who helped him overcome a horde of orc Shou in the Altgrimmr Mountains.

Why is Tancred an ally of the kidnappers? Oracular word: jewels. Schmidt is looking for a cache of jewels in the wilderness and believes that Adalric knows where they are.

Tancred asks Trond to accompany him to the guild hall of the potters’ guild in West Haicheng. He knows several members of the guild who can help them. Trond summons Fritigern and they go with Tancred to the guild hall.

The foes are the guard of the guild hall with Veteran statistics and five hired thugs of Cheng Detlef with Rabble statistics.

Trond, Fritigern and Tancred enter the meeting room of the guild hall. Here there is a guild hall guard, an Eshkanti man in a chain hauberk and armed with a sword, and five ruffians armed with knives and clubs who look like more of Cheng Detlef’s hired thugs.

Tancred says “this is the thief who broke into the Cheng palace and killed two of the guards. Fritigern told me who he was.”

Tancred draws his sword and he and Fritigern attack Trond along with the guard and the five ruffians.

Tancred has Soldier statistics.

Trond kills the guild hall guard, Tancred, Fritigern and four of the hired thugs. The remaining thug, an Imperial man, throws down his club and says that he will fight for Trond and will not betray him as Fritigern did.

Is the man sincere? No.

Trond senses that the man will betray or attack him at the first opportunity. He tells him that he doesn’t want his help. He flees from the building and Trond also leaves as members of the potters’ guild are entering the room. He returns to The Bronze Horse where he tends his wounds and has a meal.

Money: 30 gp, 3 sp and 5 cp

Trond: 6 Victory points

Opponents: 2 Victory points

Haicheng: 4 Heat

Investigation scene: the shop of the moneychanger Liu Chenglei

Hunt up an Actor whom you have reason to suspect can give you a Clue.

Trond knows that a moneychanger in West Haicheng, a man named Liu Chenglei, has had dealings with Adalric in the past. The hunter once found a hoard of copper and silver coins in an orc Shou lair, a ruined village in the upper Lanbaoshi valley. He took the coins to Chenglei to be exchanged for gold pieces and later discussed the find with Trond and Chenglei in The Red Griffon tavern. He goes to Chenglei’s shop and waits until Chenglei has finished serving a customer before asking him if he knows anything about the kidnapping of Adalric Wulf.

Trond fails the check.

Chenglei coldly replies that he knows nothing about the matter. Maybe Cheng Detlef’s thugs are threatening him.

Trond: 6 Victory points

Opponents: 3 Victory points

Haicheng: 4 Heat

Investigation scene: Liang Jian’s smithy

An allied Actor can get you a clue at personal risk. Make a skill to check to help them succeed.

Actor: commoner – polished tea house owner

Trond returns to The Bronze Horse. He is met by an Imperial woman named Liang Lien, who is the owner of The Jade Bird tea house. She says that her brother, the blacksmith Liang Jian, is an ally of Cheng Detlef and may know something about the whereabouts of Adalric Wulf.

What is the connection between Lien and Jian? Oracular word: avarice.

Lien says that her brother has been pestering her to loan him some money. She has so far refused him but finally agreed to give him some money not long ago. She will go to his smithy to discuss the loan while Trond searches the building for a clue to Adalric’s whereabouts. Trond agrees to this proposal and follows Lien to the smithy. Lien greets her brother and Trond slips into the house after she and Jian have gone into a room to drink tea and discuss the loan.

Trond succeeds on the check.

Where is Adalric being kept prisoner? In the respectable home of a stern market magistrate. Oracular word: foresight.

In an empty room of the smithy he finds a young man, perhaps Kueh, who has been chained to the wall and gagged. Trond releases him using a key he found in another room, and ungags him after warning him to remain silent. They escape from the smithy through a paper window and go to The Bronze Horse.

The man’s name is Kobayashi Nobu and he explains all the details of the plot to Trond. He and Adalric were hunting in the Altgrimmr Mountains when they found a small pile of stones in a remote valley. Clearing away the stones they found sacks containing gemstones – sapphires mostly – and coins including gold, silver and copper pieces. Nobu sighted a large group of orc Shou heading their way up the valley, so they replaced the stones and hid from the orcs. The orcs made camp near the stones but did not appear to be aware of the treasure. Nobu made a map indicating the location of the stones and he and Adalric returned to Haicheng, planning to return to the valley as soon as possible.

While they were drinking in The Red Griffon tavern Adalric foolishly told the moneychanger Lui Chenglei about the treasure. He most likely told the bookseller Feng Bingwen. The following night Adalric was attacked by thugs who stole the map after knocking him unconscious. The next day he noticed that Bingwen’s bookshop was under guard from a few of these thugs whom he knew to be in the employ of the heir of the Cheng family, Cheng Detlef. He staked out the bookshop waiting for a good time to steal the map back. He managed to steal it back and then he destroyed it, telling Nobu that he was sure that he could find the way back to the treasure by memory. But he was then captured near Huaiji.

A day later Nobu was himself captured in the Altgrimmr Mountains, by a group of men led by Tancred Schmidt. Cheng Detlef and Muadh bin-Kazi were among them and bin-Kazi cast a spell that sent him to sleep. He and Adalric were imprisoned together in the smithy. Muadh bin-Kazi said that he could use sorcery on them to determine the location of the treasure, but then he was called away on some other business. The two men were beaten but refused to reveal the location of the treasure. Cheng Detlef was sure that Adalric was of more value to the gang than Nobu, but considered that the room in the smithy was not reliable as a place to hide him. Last night he was taken somewhere else. Nobu says that he has very good hearing and he is sure that he heard Cheng Detlef mention the name of the market magistrate Wan Dingxiang.

Trond recalls that Wan Dingxiang is the official responsible for overseeing the Bazaar of West Haicheng over which Luo Salim imposed his unfair tax; no doubt he despises Adalric and considers himself to be above the law. This evening he will go to Wan Dingxiang’s house. He buys Nobu a meal.

Money: 30 gp, 1 sp and 5 cp

Trond: 7 Victory points and a Clue

Opponents: 3 Victory points

A roll of 6 on a 1d10 means that the opponents gain a Victory point.

Opponents: 4 Victory points

Haicheng: 4 Heat

Action scene: Wan Dingxiang’s house

Guide the Target out of the foe’s reach for at least a temporary period.

As night is approaching he reaches Wan Dingxiang’s house and picks the lock of a door at the rear of the building. Entering the house he looks for cellar where Adalric is sure to be being kept prisoner.

Trond succeeds on the check.

He stealthily avoids the servants who are moving between the kitchen and the dining room, preparing Wan Dingxiang’s dinner. Beyond a door a flight of steps leads down into the cellar. He finds Adalric bound and gagged amidst casks of rice wine and wooden bins filled with vegetables. He takes him back to The Bronze Horse and buys meals for the both of them.

Money: 29 gp, 7 sp and 5 cp

Trond: 9 Victory points

Opponents: 4 Victory points

A roll of 2 on a 1d10 means that the opponents gain a Victory point.

Opponents: 5 Victory points

Haicheng: 4 Heat

Has Cheng Detlef learned of the location of the treasure? Yes.

Adalric tells Trond that Muadh bin-Kazi cast a spell on him that made him view bin-Kazi as a friend; he told him of the location of the treasure and drew a map to indicate it’s whereabouts. Muadh bin-Kazi told Cheng Detlef that the treasure was located in a valley in the Altgrimmr Mountains north of the ruined town of Mengshan. He and Cheng Detlef left to retrieve the treasure by means of a magical gate. Adalric managed to throw off the effect of the spell but feigned friendliness to bin-Kazi when he returned. He was suspecting that he was about to be killed when Trond rescued him.

Conflict scene: the Bazaar of West Haicheng

Waylay a minion of the foe. Face a Fight instead of a check.

The foes are a city guard with Veteran statistics and six hired thugs with Rabble statistics.

The next morning Trond pays for breakfast and for cheap rooms for himself, Nobu and Adalric, and then leaves The Bronze Dragon.

Money: 29 gp

He is walking through the Bazaar when he sees thug that fled from the guild hall of the potters’ guild. He is accompanied by five other thugs and a guardsman of the city guard in a chain hauberk who must have been suborned by Cheng Detlef. They are moving in the direction of The Bronze Horse and Trond intercepts them. The guard draws his sword.

Trond kills the guard and five of the thugs. The remaining thug flees. He tends his wound.

Hit points: 8

Trond: 10 Victory points

Opponents: 4 Victory points

Haicheng: 6 Heat

Final Action scene: public well

Face the foe himself. Face a fight instead of a check.

The foes are Cheng Detlef, who has Sorcerer statistics, and six hired thugs with Vermin statistics.

Cheng Detlef can cast the spell Seven Small Thunders.

Trond heads back towards The Bronze Horse. At a nearby public well he sights Cheng Detlef and six of his thugs, ragged men who look like the last reserve of his army. Detlef has seen him and Trond realises that he is a sorcerer when he approaches casting a spell. Trond draws his sword.

Trond kills Cheng Detlef and five of the thugs, with the last thug fleeing. He tends his wound.

Hit points: 8

Haicheng: 8 Heat

Trond has scored 6, a Complete Victory. Cheng Detlef’s gang has been completely destroyed. Muadh bin-Kazi, after securing most of the treasure, returned to Tien Lung.

A roll of 2 on a 1d10 (less than the Heat of Haicheng) means that Trond must either leave the city soon or do something to reduce the Heat.

Trond receives one experience point for his adventure. He is now a third level thief. He has 11 maximum hit points. His trait of “Ruin Explorer” has increased to four points, as a result of his expeditions into the Cave of the Howling Ghosts.

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