The Red Topaz Goddess

My Ruins of the Undercity campaign continues and for the first time one of the characters makes it to second level.

Zoltar the High Priest

Akram, Nameera, Somteva and Zareef return to Cryptopolis to get some sleep. Akram, the holy beggar turned cleric of the Red Goddess, is the first to wake. He goes to the Temple of the Red Goddess. Zoltar, one of the high priests of the Temple, casts a Quest spell and orders him to return to the Undercity at once to retrieve a holy relic for the Temple. The relic is a small statuette of the Red Goddess carved from red topaz, known as the Red Topaz Goddess. A map has been found showing the location of the Red Topaz Goddess in the Undercity.

The Red Topaz Goddess is located in the sixth unexplored room or chamber beyond the grate (49). It is guarded by a random monster.

Akram leaves the Temple to fetch his companions. The party go to Dawd’s Market and the Brishnan Emporium where they buy only the most essential items. They have no time to search for other adventurers to join them. The adventurers then go to the abandoned house near the Temple of the Red Goddess, where there is a stairway leading down into the Undercity.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


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Shrine of the Rat Cult

Here is another adventure in my Ruins of the Undercity campaign, played using the Labyrinth Lord rules.


Shortly after Nameera, Somteva and Zareef return to Cryptopolis the city is struck by a minor outbreak of the plague known as the Fatal Boils. People who catch the disease are afflicted with disfiguring boils and die within twelve weeks.

Nameera, Somteva and Zareef all save successfully versus death.

Fortunately none of the adventurers catch the disease.

Onzir the travelling peddler

The adventurers meet a travelling peddler named Onzir, who has travelled to Cryptopolis with a caravan from the city of Ezar to the south. He is selling potions and scrolls but is not asking for less than 200 gold pieces for any of them, so the adventurers bid him good-day and say they hope to meet him again if they are richer by the time he returns to Cryptopolis.

New party members

The adventurers go to Aliam’s Babuschs to collect the babuschs (shoes) that they ordered before going on their previous adventure. Then they search the dingy khiva shops for anyone who wants to join them for another expedition into the Undercity. They find three new party members.


Formerly a holy beggar devoted to the Red Goddess, Akram is now a cleric of that deity.


Azmi was formerly a town crier and is now a wizard. He understands the language of flinds.


Nisma was formerly a prostitute. After one of her clients robbed her she stole her money back from him, and discovered that she was good at getting into places. She is now a thief.

The Undercity

The adventurers go to the abandoned house near the Temple of the Red Goddess, where there is a stairway leading down into the Undercity.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


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A Lucky Find of Gold

I’ve returned to a Ruins of the Undercity campaign that I’ve been playing using the Labyrinth Lord rules. Having previously generated 11 parties of adventurers that were all wiped out before any of the characters reached second level, I’ve decided to use the optional advanced Hit Dice rules from the Advanced Edition Companion for Labyrinth Lord to boost the survivability of my new characters. This is a condensed version of my latest session.


Six adventurers have gathered in Cryptopolis.


Formerly a scribe in the Temple of the Red Goddess, Arav has discovered his hidden talent for sorcery. He understands the languages of kobolds and flinds.


Nameera is an 18 year old belly dancer from the khiva shops. She has heard stories of the Undercity and now wants to explore its depths herself.


Othnos worked as an undertaker but had to flee the funeral parlour after he was caught plundering a corpse. He is now a professional thief.


Senrion is a 151 year old elf who became dissatisfied with his occupation as a shoemaker. He understands the language of flinds.


An elderly dwarven woman of 269 years, Somteva worked as a mule teamster before becoming a cleric of the Red Goddess.


Formerly an actor in a performing troupe, Zareef left the troupe to explore the Undercity.

Nameera and Zareef are fighters and Senrion is an elf of the basic class of Labyrinth Lord.

The Undercity

Arav knows of an abandoned building not far from the Temple of the Red Goddess, where there is a stairway leading down into the Undercity. Evening is falling and the inhabitants of Cryptopolis are hurrying back to their homes when the party reach the building. It is a stone house of two storeys, evidently the former residence of a prosperous merchant or some such wealthy person.

The party enter the building. In the entry hall the stirring of a dark figure startles them, but it is only an old beggar getting up from a bed of rags. He scowls at the adventurers for disturbing his rest and wishes doom upon them in the Undercity below.

Deep within the house the party come to a small, dank room with no windows, where there is a flight of narrow steps leading down into darkness. The party form their narrow marching order and descend into the Undercity.


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