The Idol of Fa Chia

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One hex = six miles

Here is another Scarlet Heroes solo adventure.

Getak Seven Ways Out

Travelling west over the forested foothills of the Altgrimmr Mountains, the elven mage Getak Seven Ways Out arrives at the timber palisade of Hasan al-Sakhawi’s trade post in the late afternoon of a long, hot day. It is the dry season in Ektau. Getak is an elf of the Creed of Seven Ways Out, from the small village of First Sundering in the Godbarrow Mountains. His most prized possession is the slender elven spellbook that he carries concealed in his travel-worn tunic. In his prior incarnation he was a scholar of history in the village of Last Rebuke, and he still retains vague memories of that life. The philosophy of Seven Ways Out encourages its followers to seek out their own way in the world, especially by leaving First Sundering and travelling far and wide. Getak has made his way down the eastern slopes of the Godbarrow Mountains, over the grasslands of the northernmost region of the Magocracy of Tien Lung, and over the jungle-clad hills of the Mandarinate of Xian.

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