Return to the Tang Palace

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In this Scarlet Heroes dungeon adventure the thief Gong Trond returns to the Tang palace in Haicheng to search for the treasure of Tang Guotin, the cult sorcerer whom he killed in his previous adventure. The cultists who lair in the palace worship Z’ol-Iku, the Immense One of the Deep, an enormous spherical being of tentacles, mouths and eye stalks who dwells in the deep sea. This time, unlike his previous adventure in the Tang palace, Trond will not be hunted by the city watch guards as he is dealing with the cultists with the approval of Magistrate Hao Ying of Haicheng.

Trond is a third level thief with the following traits:

  • Ruin Explorer: 4
  • Great Stealth: 3
  • Friend to the Black Sapphire Tong: 1
  • Resist the Red Tide: 1

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The Cult of Z’ol-Iku

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In this Scarlet Heroes adventure the thief Gong Trond attempts to reduce the Heat that he earned in the previous urban adventure in which he killed Cheng Detlef, a wealthy heir and a villainous sorcerer, along with many members of his gang.

Trond is a third level thief with the following traits:

  • Ruin Explorer: 4
  • Great Stealth: 3
  • Friend to the Black Sapphire Tong: 1
  • Resist the Red Tide: 1

This dungeon adventure is set in a palace where Trond has the chance to rescue the captives of a cult. I am using the guidelines for Dungeons with Alarms in the Scarlet Heroes rulebook. Using The Crimson Pandect from Sine Nomine Publishing I roll to randomly generate the deity venerated by the cult. The deity is aquatic, tentacular and deceitful. These traits seem to describe a Lovecraftian monster, so I think up an appropriate name and appearance for the deity.

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The Cave of the Howling Ghosts – Second Expedition

Haicheng region old PNG image

One hex = six miles

In this Scarlet Heroes dungeon adventure the thief Gong Trond continues his exploration of the Cave of the Howling Ghosts. Trond is a second level thief with the following traits:

  1. Ruin Explorer: 3
  2. Great Stealth: 3
  3. Friend to the Black Sapphire Tong: 1
  4. Resist the Red Tide: 1

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Shrine of the Rat Cult

Here is another adventure in my Ruins of the Undercity campaign, played using the Labyrinth Lord rules.


Shortly after Nameera, Somteva and Zareef return to Cryptopolis the city is struck by a minor outbreak of the plague known as the Fatal Boils. People who catch the disease are afflicted with disfiguring boils and die within twelve weeks.

Nameera, Somteva and Zareef all save successfully versus death.

Fortunately none of the adventurers catch the disease.

Onzir the travelling peddler

The adventurers meet a travelling peddler named Onzir, who has travelled to Cryptopolis with a caravan from the city of Ezar to the south. He is selling potions and scrolls but is not asking for less than 200 gold pieces for any of them, so the adventurers bid him good-day and say they hope to meet him again if they are richer by the time he returns to Cryptopolis.

New party members

The adventurers go to Aliam’s Babuschs to collect the babuschs (shoes) that they ordered before going on their previous adventure. Then they search the dingy khiva shops for anyone who wants to join them for another expedition into the Undercity. They find three new party members.


Formerly a holy beggar devoted to the Red Goddess, Akram is now a cleric of that deity.


Azmi was formerly a town crier and is now a wizard. He understands the language of flinds.


Nisma was formerly a prostitute. After one of her clients robbed her she stole her money back from him, and discovered that she was good at getting into places. She is now a thief.

The Undercity

The adventurers go to the abandoned house near the Temple of the Red Goddess, where there is a stairway leading down into the Undercity.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


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Sentha’s Journey – Miso RPG combined with Rory’s Story Cubes

Here is a short adventure played using the basic set of Rory’s Story Cubes and Sophia Brandt’s Miso game, a minimalist solo RPG available for free on her blog.

The Setting and the Heroine

The setting is the Vedren Islands, an archipelago with a temperate climate. Hills and broadleaf forest cover most of the islands.

Sentha is a 15 year old maiden of the Trarg tribe. She lives in the village of Gev on the coast of Krelex Island. Sentha is a powerful swimmer. For many years a swimming festival has been held every summer in Gev. Villagers swim the kilometre between Gev and Swimmer’s Rock. When Sentha competed in the womens’ race this year she won the race and the prize, an amber necklace that she wears. She wears a light tunic belted at the waist that she can swim easily in, and carries a knife.

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