The Quest for the Wand of Imonora (Part Two)

This is the second part of my campaign using the campaign rules in Four Against the Abyss, the advanced supplement for Four Against Darkness. I also used the random tables from the Fiendish Foes supplement.


Closovae the sorceress, Durnrik the warrior, Grolsond the barbarian and Somvis the rogue have been hired by Queen Arla of Osnor to find the three pieces of the Wand of Imonora. The wand must be restored to save Osnor from the chaos and pestilence caused by Gathorim, the entity that has escaped from the netherworld. Having found one piece of the wand in a dungeon in the foothills of the Krolost Mountains, the adventurers have returned to the city of Dorenin, the capital of Osnor.

The adventurers prepare for their second expedition, which will take them into a dungeon deep within the Krolost Mountains in search of another piece of the wand. Dorstorn the dungeon guide and Greth the surgeon are hired again to accompany the adventurers into the dungeon. Closovae goes to the alchemist to order a Potion of Healing that will be ready for her to drink when she returns from her adventure.

The Dungeon

Leaving Dorenin the party journey deep into the Krolost Mountains. They make their way up a valley through pine woods and between massive boulders. At the end of the valley is a cave, the entrance to the dungeon. Durnrik comments on the fickle nature of fortune; since they found the first part of the wand with relative ease then this dungeon will most likely test them severely. Closovae drinks her Potion of Vigour that she ordered from the alchemist, which will give her immunity to the Dark Plague that is found in the foulest dungeons.


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The Quest for the Wand of Imonora (Part One)

Back in 2016 I did some playtests of the Deeper Dungeons supplement for Four Against Darkness from Ganesha Games. This supplement has now been published as Four Against the Abyss, and I have begun a new campaign using the campaign guidelines from the rulebook. I’m also using the Fiendish Foes supplement to generate adversaries; I’ll roll on the tables from both Four Against the Abyss and Fiendish Foes and go with whatever result is most appropriate. Some of the results that I rolled for this adventure were similar to those of my playtest for Deeper Dungeons, but I still have two dungeons to go through in the campaign.

Chaos in Osnor

West of the Krolost Mountains lies the kingdom of Osnor. Queen Arla rules the kingdom from her palace in the magnificent city of Dorenin. The Krolost Mountains are sparsely populated by barbarian tribes, and separate Osnor from the Dreaded Wastes, a realm of chaos where no laws of nature apply.

Osnor is in turmoil. Crops are withering and mysterious plagues are decimating the villages and towns. Deranged cultists are openly defying Queen Arla’s authority and taking villagers for sacrifice in lonely places. Queen Arla has consulted Clefeus the sage, and has been told that these events arise from the return of the vile entity Gathorim from the netherworld. Centuries ago the great sorceress Imonora created a magical wand from an unknown metal and used it to banish Gathorim, though not before he had blighted the lands beyond the Krolost Mountains which became the Dreaded Wastes.

After her death Imonora’s wand fell into the hands of Gathorim’s followers, who tried to destroy it. They only succeeded in breaking it into three pieces, which were hidden in three different dungeons. The first dungeon is beneath an ancient ruin in the foothills of the Krolost Mountains, the second is at the end of a desolate valley deep in the Krolost Mountains, and the third is situated in the Dreaded Wastes.

If the pieces of the wand are joined together in the correct order they will be magically fused together. Only a wizard or a sorceress of great knowledge will be able to read the ancient magical script on the wand and activate it. Once this has been done Gathorim will be banished back to the netherworld, and the cosmic fracture which allowed him to escape will be sealed.

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Vorin’s Labyrinth – Final Expedition

The adventurers continue in their quest to find and destroy the lich Vorin, the last of the ancient necromancers, who dwells somewhere in the labyrinth beneath the city of Bromlen. This solo dungeon crawl uses the following tools:

  • Sophia Brandt’s Miso game, a minimalist solo RPG available for free on her blog.
  • The Dungeon Generator Version 4.1 available for free on the Tabletop Diversions blog.
  • Rory’s Story Cubes (the basic set and the Voyages set).
  • The D30 version of DungeonWords from Risus Monkey.

In their previous expedition into the labyrinth the adventurers encountered various perils including the ghoul trees, one of which claimed the life of the warrior woman Ivrith Yedlor. Having enjoyed a safe rest in the house of Drozor Brightstone the wizard, whose laboratory adjoins the labyrinth via a trap door, the adventurers are now accompanied by Drozor who wishes to reclaim a magical scroll that was stolen by Vorin. In addition to Drozor the party comprises:

  • Blanzim, a gnome illusionist.
  • Eshenra Fenlen, an elven woman adept at finding and disarming traps.
  • Lenro, a warrior of the Idsorm who live on the shell of the gigantic sea turtle Ogzura.
  • Odrigrun Greyhall, a dwarven cleric of Otrena the goddess of night.
  • Uda Smallstream, a priestess of Otrena whom the others encountered in the labyrinth.

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Vorin’s Labyrinth – Second Expedition

This is the second part of this solo dungeon crawl in which a party explores the labyrinth of Vorin the lich which lies beneath the city of Bromlen. I used the following tools:

  • Sophia Brandt’s Miso game, a minimalist solo RPG available for free on her blog.
  • The Dungeon Generator Version 4.1 available for free on the Tabletop Diversions blog (used to generate the physical dungeon during play).
  • Rory’s Story Cubes (the basic set and the Voyages set).
  • The D30 version of DungeonWords from Risus Monkey.

The Ghost and Troll inn

The elven woman Eshenra Fenlen returns to The Ghost and Troll where she pays for a fine room. She also buys a long sword. She finds three adventurers to accompany her on a second excursion into the labyrinth. They are:

  • Blanzim, a gnome illusionist. In combat he can cast a spell to create a cone of clashing, whirling colours to stun an opponent, or can create duplicate images of himself as decoys. He can see in the dark and will map the labyrinth. He wields a dagger.
  • Ivrith Yedlor, a warrior woman who wears a chain hauberk and wields a battle axe (a one-handed or two-handed weapon). She will carry a torch in her free hand.
  • Odrigrun Greyhall, a dwarven cleric of Otrena, the goddess of night. He wears banded armour and wields a magical war hammer (a one-handed or two-handed weapon) that is very effective against undead creatures. He can turn undead creatures and cure wounds and disease. He can also see in the dark.

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Vorin’s Labyrinth

This is a solo dungeon crawl for which I used the following tools:

  • Sophia Brandt’s Miso game, a minimalist solo RPG available for free on her blog.
  • The Dungeon Generator Version 4.1 available for free on the Tabletop Diversions blog (used to generate the physical dungeon during play).
  • Rory’s Story Cubes (the basic set and the Voyages set).
  • The D30 version of DungeonWords from Risus Monkey.

After drawing up the map during play I decided that I would publish the adventure in two or more parts, so the map below includes some areas that were not explored until later.

To generate dungeon contents I rolled three or more story cubes and used the results that I could easily work with. The two cubes below were included in most of the rolls. The monster cube on the left determined that d4 ghouls were present. On the first roll the skull and crossbones cube on the right determined the presence of d12 skeletons, and on the second roll it determined the presence of d12 skeletons and zombies accompanied by the lich Vorin. I also used one or more DungeonWords to further generate dungeon contents as needed.


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The Red Topaz Goddess

My Ruins of the Undercity campaign continues and for the first time one of the characters makes it to second level.

Zoltar the High Priest

Akram, Nameera, Somteva and Zareef return to Cryptopolis to get some sleep. Akram, the holy beggar turned cleric of the Red Goddess, is the first to wake. He goes to the Temple of the Red Goddess. Zoltar, one of the high priests of the Temple, casts a Quest spell and orders him to return to the Undercity at once to retrieve a holy relic for the Temple. The relic is a small statuette of the Red Goddess carved from red topaz, known as the Red Topaz Goddess. A map has been found showing the location of the Red Topaz Goddess in the Undercity.

The Red Topaz Goddess is located in the sixth unexplored room or chamber beyond the grate (49). It is guarded by a random monster.

Akram leaves the Temple to fetch his companions. The party go to Dawd’s Market and the Brishnan Emporium where they buy only the most essential items. They have no time to search for other adventurers to join them. The adventurers then go to the abandoned house near the Temple of the Red Goddess, where there is a stairway leading down into the Undercity.

All characters are moving at a rate of 30′ per turn (exploring movement).


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Return to the Tang Palace

Haicheng region new PNG image

In this Scarlet Heroes dungeon adventure the thief Gong Trond returns to the Tang palace in Haicheng to search for the treasure of Tang Guotin, the cult sorcerer whom he killed in his previous adventure. The cultists who lair in the palace worship Z’ol-Iku, the Immense One of the Deep, an enormous spherical being of tentacles, mouths and eye stalks who dwells in the deep sea. This time, unlike his previous adventure in the Tang palace, Trond will not be hunted by the city watch guards as he is dealing with the cultists with the approval of Magistrate Hao Ying of Haicheng.

Trond is a third level thief with the following traits:

  • Ruin Explorer: 4
  • Great Stealth: 3
  • Friend to the Black Sapphire Tong: 1
  • Resist the Red Tide: 1

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